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Sha Wellness Clinic

  • SHA Wellness Clinic Wins the ‘Best Medical, Thermal & Natural Spa’ at the 2010 Condé Nast Traveller Readers’ Spa Awards

    February 2010, London – The seventh annual Condé Nast Traveller Readers’ Spa Awards took place at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London on Monday 2 February 2010. Read More
  • SHA Wellness Clinic Named Spa-Goers’ Favourite Spa in SPAIN in Seventh-Annual SpaFinder Readers’ Choice Awards

    London – 24th September 09 – SpaFinder, Inc., the global spa resource, has
    announced that SHA Wellness Clinic has been named the spa consumer’s favourite
    spa in Spain. Read More
  • You are what you eat

    This well-known saying does hold true, as the food we eat has a direct bearing on
    our health, vitality and mood. Read More
  • SHA Wellness Clinic doubles size of its wellness area


    Renown as the Best International Medical Spa (Conde Nast Traveller 2011) and Europe’s Best   “Destination Spa” (Conde Nast Johansens 2012), SHA Wellness Clinic has just inaugurated the impressive addition to its Clinic and Spa area to coincide with its third anniversary. This extension work practically doubles the existing size of the Wellness area; it has been carried out to satisfy the growing demand for the wellness clinic’s services, and also in response to the establishment’s desire to innovate and excel, which is what distinguishes SHA.

    This extension means that the Wellness area now has more than 40 treatment cabins, consulting rooms, plus new therapies and specialities which include:

    ·         Sha Alpha Experience: An exclusive area for pure relaxation, equipped with beds that are especially designed for those who want to go on an inner journey, a sensory voyage based on vibration, movement, chromotherapy, different temperatures and surround sound, taking users to the state of Alpha: It helps to reduce stress, restore energy, stimulate creativity and expand on one’s self-perception and personal space. It’s the best way to start off in the world of SHA having only just arrived….

    ·       There’s another great new pioneering treatment in the aesthetic area of SHA Spain called Clear + Brilliant, which was on display at the recent Monaco Trade show. Clear + Brilliant is a soft laser treatment that rejuvenates the skin from inside, replacing the damaged skin with new tissue making your face look much younger. Skin feels much softer, its tone and texture is enhanced so that it glows.

    ·         We are proud to present Hydroenergetic therapy which consists of three stages:

    1. - Hydro-aromatherapy: Hydromassage technique with essential oils and mother tincture.

    2. - Phyto-mud therapy: Pleasant natural mud products that have a draining, detoxifying and revitalizing effect.

    3. - Hydrojet: Different water pressure and temperature controlled jets that restore energy, vitality and tone the body.


    ·     The brand new SHA Detox Bioenergetics treatment has been incorporated: It’s based on the holistic concept of the human being, an entity of energy that is connected to the energy of the universe. This innovative treatment stimulates the blood circulation, draining the lymphatic system by means of cupping therapy and specific products that favour the elimination of impurities and toxic residue from the cell metabolism, plus a massage on the energy points to revitalize and regenerate tissues, reduce stress, eliminate toxins and enhance the body’s functions.

    ·         SHA launches its new Cosmetic Dentistry unit. We have invested in the latest technology and equipment, we also have our very own laboratory, an x-ray room and a team of 4 dentists from the United States, Argentina and Spain, so that after an initial diagnosis, a comprehensive teeth and smile study can be carried out with the help of computer imaging; then after having decided on the perfect look that the patient wants, the team gets to work to obtain the best results in just a few hours.

    We use the latest software from the German company Bredent for dental implant dentistry in which the 3D computer, with CAD-CAM technology guides  us through the surgical dental implant procedure to produce the right type of dental prosthesis immediately; the patient gets their prosthesis completely finished on the very same day. Of course all the materials used are biocompatible. This technology makes SHA one of the five exclusive European dental clinics that provide this service.

    ·      New Chelation therapy for Heavy Metals: After an analysis a combination of serum is used to eliminate the heavy metals from the blood to purify the body, and help alleviate the symptoms of many diseases.

    ·         A Water Relaxation Area is inaugurated; it’s a small private pool which is completely separate from the rest of hydrotherapy circuit. It is designed to be used under the guidance of an expert, where users can enjoy an underwater massage that combines the shiatsu massage techniques with aquatic therapy. This massage produces a state of deep relaxation in the warm, invigorating water that calms both body and mind.

    ·     A new Fitness Area has been set up, with the latest sports equipment from Power Plate and TechnoGym, as well as the personal training area run by José Vidal which has been upgraded and now has individual personal training cabins.

    ·         To round-off this major improvement, the SHA Boutique has been opened and the online version is coming very soon too. Shoppers can choose from an exclusive range of products so that they can still enjoy the SHA life style once their stay is over: It’s full of the best natural cosmetics, essential oils, food supplements, the captivating music played during the shiatsu massage… everything you need to take a tiny morsel of this paradise called SHA home with you.

    This area has been designed by the same interior decorators that were in charge of decorating the other areas of the resort; the prestigious pair Elvira Blanco Montenegro and Francisco Palacios, who have respected the distinct style of the complex. It is basically minimalist with a touch of classic here and there, it’s a place where essential peace and serenity reign. From the moment you step into this new area the prevailing black and white, the continual light together with the modern undulating wall design will accompany you through your experience. Each cabin is personalised with different finishes and details.

    We haven’t skimped on the quality of the materials either; there are lamps by Philip Stark, Bolon rugs and the latest designs from Porcelanosa.


    About SHA:

    SHA is an international pioneering wellness clinic that is dedicated to improving and prolonging people’s health and soundness by combining the best natural therapies originating mainly from ancient Eastern wisdom with the most advanced Western techniques. At SHA, health isn’t just the absence of illness; it’s more of an overall state of physical and mental well-being, ideal weight and vitality.

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