Available Positions

  • Willing to be SHA?

    It involves having a very special talent to be a SHA team member.

    When you make our SHA Code real, you are recognized by your excellent service and hospitality skills that makes you an ambassador of a world-wide pioneering well-being clinic and medical hotel. Your affection, availability, commitment and outstanding professionalism reward you each day.
    You care about people, and a global vision of health will lead you to daily learning experience.

    Your will attend the initial consultations for guests and the best treatment approach within our team of professionals. You will manage the medical equipment and will achieve the vision of your area according to the SHA brand. You will have a valid doctor degree to perform your duties in the country. You will be recognized by your leadership with high skills to inspire and align company values. Global vision of Medicine, nutrition and natural therapies are considering as a tool in the recovery of patients. Excellent interpersonal, organizational skills, teamwork and goal-oriented is very important. You will have minimum 3 years experience in similar position. High level in English and German are required.

    You are responsible for providing therapeutic and aesthetic services to guests with the highest standards of quality and professionalism that characterize one of the teams most recognized for its holistic approach to health. Degree accredited to prestigious schools or health-related degree and therapies. Customer oriented and knowledge of high-level protocols. Minimum experience 2 years and demonstrable references. Spanish and English are required.

    You are responsible for providing hair and beauty services to guests and clients effectively and on time. You will advise guests, as appropriate, on their image and products boutique. You will maintain your image with high standards. High level of English and Spanish languages is required. 2 years of previous experience in a similar position with international clients.


    You will manage the administration of the Executive Office meaning the agendas, appointments and communication with external institutions as part of the day to day demands. You will use English and Spanish fluently. You may have Arabic as a third language. You will have proficiency use of computers and you will be efficient in MS Office. Your organizational skills and financial knowledge will be considered. Business etiquette and protocol will be proven. Previous experience of 2 years in similar position is required. You will be travelling with the Executive board 30% of your time.

    You will be responsible for receiving and supplying the merchandise, and services of a warehouse and commissary. You control the stocks and you will update the list of suppliers, genre, etc. and you will identify those who better payment terms, price, quality, performance, delivery time, etc. offer. You will have to negotiate and attract the best suppliers. You will work together with all the departments involved in the supply. 2 years of previous experience in a similar position. High level in English and Spanish is required.

    2nd MAITRE D '
    You will be responsible for the day to day operation of the restaurant SHAMADI and the area of events and banquets and SHA Club. You will promote the creation and maintenance of an appropriate climate and experience for guests. You will support the Maitre D 'in training, evaluation and implementation of programs. 2 years of previous experience in a similar job. High level in Spanish and English is required.

    You will ensure that a warm welcome of all guests is provided. Information about the SHA Method and other related questions is addresses in a courtesy and friendly manner. Sorting mail, answering incoming calls, and arranging appointments for guests are also part of your duties. Develop and maintain a current and accurate filing system together with an excellent administrative system is part of the success. The skills that will make you successful in this role are: Having previous experience in similar position in luxury hospitality organizations. Ability to exceed expectations and work with others oriented to the objectives of department. Fluent English and Spanish are required. Arabic and Russian languages will be appreciated. Opera knowledge is a plus.

    You will be responsible for the management and the coordination of sales opportunities, directly you will manage booking requests and agreements with other agents. You will manage the functions of the reservations department. You will maximize the sales opportunities and the revenue management. You will achieve personal and team goals set in terms of revenue and sales. You will be responsible for guest satisfaction in the process of booking and requests. Previous experience in a similar position is compulsory. Tourism Training or similar academic training, preferably knowledge of reception areas or customer service. High Spanish and English level, German and Russian are valuable. Expert knowledge of MS Office and Opera.


    You will be responsible for the Hidrocolon Therapy which you will carry out with guests. You will provide personalized assistance to guests and communicate with physicians and customers in order to provide a more appropriate therapy. You will be familiar with Medical Concepts of East and West, Macrobiotic, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Massage and other therapies for the body in general. Fluent English and Spanish are required.

    You will be responsible for providing an adequate service of health care by providing a general analysis of health, medical history, follow up of tests and medical recommendations according to the company's focus. You will maintain a proper operation of your medical consultation according to the standards of cleanliness, appearance and arrangement of material. You will work in a team, knowing what happens in other areas of the clinic and helping guests whenever will be possible. Fluent English and Spanish are required. 2 years of previous experience in a similar job.

    You will work in a team and you will be responsible for supporting the Ruler, coordinating the staff to ensure the cleanliness and the image of rooms and public areas of the hotel in order to provide quality customer service and contribute to the operational and financial objectives. You will replace the ruler in her absence. You will verify if the department staff will promptly make the breakdown reports for the maintenance area, you will give them monitoring until their resolution and, if it will be necessary, you will consult with the Ruler to block rooms until they will be again in a proper operating condition. You will monitor the activities of lingerie: received clothing and household materials (linen, uniforms, and table linen), rotation control and bedding stocks. 2 years of previous experience in a similar role.

    You will be responsible of building successful relationships that generate opportunities of sales. You will work for targets, executing and supporting operational aspects of business booked, using knowledge of market trends. You will participate directly in the development thereof by telephone and arrange visits to major accounts. You will identify new business to achieve the objectives of personal incomes and location. You will provide excellence in the customer service and you will interact with them for obtaining information about the levels of the product and service quality. High level of English is required. 3 years of previous experience in a similar role.

    We are part of a well recognized brand SHA that is growing and creating social movement in the health and hospitality industry. Our marketing department brings all our knowledge through all RSS to guests and also is responsible for offline marketing strategies. If you are in loved with social media, able to proof product placements strategies and creative in all marketing campaigns, we are looking for you. Excellent written and verbal skills are a must. English, Spanish, Russian or Arabic are required.

    Reporting to the Director of the Hotel and with a public relations team you will be responsible for coordinating your team regarding to meet the arrival and departure of guests, track the stays, review the VIP assignments and facilitate special requests, prediction of interest information in the host data or preparing the same for new arrivals. You will perform schedules, reply emails and manage the department. You will work as a team with the Reception Manager and his team of receptionists. Degree in Tourism/Public Relations or equivalent. 4 years of previous experience in a similar job position. High level of English and Spanish.

     If you like dealing with people offering a recognized customer service, if you like the world of health and wellness, anticipate needs and work as a team, this position is for you! We are looking for reception area and reserves professional for attend to guest requests and collaborate with other departments in planning a unique stay in our center. Previous experience in Reception with interests and knowledge of wellness programs, Eastern and Western health treatments. Excellent level of English and Spanish and a third language (German, French or Russian). Immediate availability.
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