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The Resort

Five separate remarkable architectural structures that are all connected by bridges.

  • health retreat at the luxury resort SHA Wellness Clinic

    At the luxury resort SHA Wellness Clinic we have thought of everything right down to the smallest detail. Even before the first stone was laid, the idea was to locate the resort somewhere unique, where peace is in the air, somewhere with an excellent climate and breathtaking views to impress all our guests. A paradise at the service of your health and well-being. A universe of sensations where body and soul are in harmony. A source of life where hospitality and excellence are guaranteed.

    We are a luxury and medical resort where every single detail has been thought of even in terms of the construction of the building. Looking for unrivalled surroundings, in which to breathe peace, with an excellent climate and amazing views, SHA is a paradise to benefit of one's health and well-being where body, mind and soul can reach equilibrium. A source of life where hospitality and excellence are secure values.

    SHA Wellness Clinic Facilities

    luxury medical resort facilities: SHA Wellness clinic

    SHA Wellness Clinic Medical Resort is one of the most popular luxury resorts in Spain, and the latest creation of the prestigious Uruguayan architect Carlos Gilardi and the award-winning European designer Elvira Blanco Montenegro.

    The five buildings that make up the luxury resort SHA Wellness Clinic accommodate 93 suites that are between 80 and 320 square metres in size which are perfect for a luxury medical retreat. The Resort has big swimming pools and waterfalls, numerous relaxation areas, together with Zen, Mediterranean and tropical gardens.

    The facilities of the luxury medical resort and spa health resort Sha Wellness Clinic are designed so that you have the most purifying, healthy and luxurious holiday get away imaginable. Moreover, all the communal areas have been adapted for people with reduced mobility and we have three rooms that are especially equipped to make your health retreat more comfortable.

    The acclaimed interior designers Elvira Blanco Montenegro and Francisco Palacios came up with a very meticulous minimalist style of decoration with a few touches of classic here are there that make SHA a place full of peace and tranquillity.

    We haven't skimped on the quality of the materials either; there are lamps by Philip Stark, Bolon rugs and the latest designs from Porcelanosa.

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Testimonials from our guests

To put it shortly: a blissful experience. After ten days at Sha I left radiant, full of energie and most of all: happy. I haven't felt so good  since a decade. The macrobiotic diet is a discovery and the whole Sha a life-changing experience. 

Everything seemed perfect to me: the kindness of the stuff, the quality of the treatments, the lovely food, the things I discovered during the lectures. I'm very grateful for the expirience.

Thank you to the whole staff.


Martina Meister - 27/11/2013


¡Feel home here!


What a team!!

John K. - 13/06/2013

I was kindly invited to visit SHA and did not know what to expect. I needed to relax and wanted to lose a little weight which in 4 nights…I managed! This place is truly wonderful: the quality of the staff, the food and the treatments is outstanding. More than everything this place has got a soul. I am looking forward to coming back

Marlies - 05/02/2013

I came from San Diego, California to end 2012 on a good note and start 2013 with a healthier outlook. SHA was the best thing I have done for myself. This is the perfect place for balance, and the best food and service. I believe I have changed my life with only a week here.

JK - 29/12/2013

Dear all,


It’s my second visit, and I hope it’s only the beginning! <3 Love.

Lena Satrikova

Chief editor


ELLE Russia

Lena Satrikova - 08/01/2013